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Saturday, February 27, 2010

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KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today officially launched the national campaign, ‘Nepal Tourism Year 2011’ during a huge gala at Army Pavilion, Tundikhel. Lets come “Together  for tourism” the PM said, urging all to join hands for the most anticipated national campaign NTY 2011 that could “trigger the economic revolution”.

The PM inaugurated the campaign by lighting the peace torch at 3:00 pm at Nepal Army Pavilion. The centrally located peace torch that measures eight feet was first lighted at Eternal Peace Flame in Lumbini Sacred Garden by Olympian Bimala Rana Magar on February 21 and was brought to Kathmandu on February 24.

Representatives from political parties, tourism, economic sector, private sector, sports, entertainment and ethnic communities participated in the rally and the inaugural ceremony. Along with the PM, 18 political parties, including Nepali Congress, CPN UML, UCPN-Maoist, RPP and representatives from FNCCI, NCC, HAN, NATTA, FCAN, NRNA, BAN showed their commitment by pledging to make the campaign a big success and avoid any kind of bandh or strike in 2011 to maintain peace and security.

To show their commitment towards the national campaign’s official launch, up to 40,000 people from different walks of life participated in rallies from City Hall, Lainchour Scout, Academy Hall, Stadium and Basantpur Durbar square to converge at Nepal Army Pavilion, Tundikhel.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the PM said tourism was the only sector that could increase employment opportunities and earn more foreign currency.

“NTY 2011 can revive the nation and help rebrand its image in the international arena,” he said. Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sarat Singh Bhandari lauded the overwhelming response of the private sector to promote NTY 2011 and insisted on maintaining peace and stability while the national campaign was on.

Yogendra Shakya, programme implementation committee national coordinator, hoped that the national campaign would be helpful enough to rebrand Nepal as a peaceful country. Billed as the most ambitious national project, NTY 2011 targets to attract one million tourists.

Article By: Eliza Manandhar


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